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Spiritual Thoughts on 1 Nephi Chapter 2

Although only 24 verses, 1 Nephi Chapter 2 gives us a lot of insight into the different personalities of Lehi’s four sons and the personal attributes that would be shape the Lamanite and Nephite dynamic throughout the Book of Mormon.

It’s interesting that something as small as small as an attitude can shape the lives and destinies of an entire people.

Laman and Lemuel’s murmuring caused them to turn away from the Lord instead of turning towards him during their trials.

Because of this, generations of their descendants grew to hate their brethren which resulted in many wars and bloodshed.

Nephi’s dependence on the Lord helped to put his progeny on the right track when they began the formation of an entirely new civilization.

However, it also gave his people the responsibility to live up to their end of the covenant that the Lord enters into with them.

The Spiritual Takeaway

Attitudes have a far reaching effect on ourselves and on our family.

An attitude doesn’t just affect one person, it affects everyone around them.

A positive attitude can help inspire courage, faith, and love, while a negative attitude can sow seeds of contention, fear, and mistrust.

As I read the Book of Mormon, I’m pretty sure that Nephi and Lehi had similar feelings.

I’m sure they both experienced hunger, thirst, fatigue, frustrations, pain, and confusion.

However, how they reacted to these feelings and the actions that they took are very telling.

When faced with hardships and inconvenience, Laman turned to complaining.

When Nephi was faced with the same trials he turned to understanding.

It’s alright to experience feelings since they are one of the learning tools that we have been given in this life.

However, the real test of character comes to what these feelings and emotions inspire us to do, draw closer to God or become consumed by them.

The choice is ours.

1 Nephi Chapter 2 Word Search

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