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Book of Esther Crossword Puzzle

Title of the Book of Esther

The Old Testament Account of Esther is an inspiring example of what God can do with ordinary people.

Open up your Bible to the Book of Esther and see if you can complete this week’s puzzle based on the Come Follow Me lessons from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1. Name of the King in the Book of Esther
2. Persian kingdom ranged from India to.
3. Where the king's palace was located
4. Persian queen before Esther
5. Wiseman who suggested to get rid of disobedient queen
6. What tribe was Mordecai from
7. What king of Judah did Mordecai come to Babylon with
8. Esther's original name
9. Esther's real father's name
10. Chamberlains who sought to assassinate the king, Bigthan and
11. Haman the son of
12. Haman offered to pay the king ten talents of silver to destroy the Jews
13. When Mordecai found out about Haman's proclamation he wore
14. Esther asked who to talk to Mordecai?
15. How many days did Esther and the Jews fast?
16. What was the scepter of the king made of?
17. Wife of Haman
18. Who told the king about the gallows Haman had constructed?
19. Who did the king replace Haman with?
20. Who did the king give all of Haman's belongings to?
21. What feast commemorates the delivery and victory of the Jewish people?

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