1st Nephi Book of Mormon Crossword Puzzles

Book of Mormon Crossword Puzzle: 1 Nephi Chapter 2

Thoughts 1 Nephi Chapter 2

It is in chapter 2 of first Nephi that we begin to see the family dynamics and personalities that eventually lead to the Nephite and Lamanite civilizations.

It’s interesting to see how attitudes of different individuals can have a snowball effect that impacts so many future generations.

Outward Vs. Inward

Lehi points out fairly quickly some of the qualities that Laman and Lemuel are lacking.

From his perspective at that time perhaps he saw his two oldest sons as the ones destined to lead the nation they were about to create and he didn’t want all of the effort and sacrifice to mean nothing if his descendants turned away from God the moment they arrived in the Promised Land.

Many people ask why Laman and Lemuel even bothered to come on the journey in the wilderness.

If they didn’t like it, why didn’t they just stay and enjoy their inheritance?

It states in verse 13 that they were like the Jews in Jerusalem who sought to take away their father’s life.

So why come?

I believe, like the Jews in Jerusalem, that they believed that they kept the outward commandments that they would be considered righteous.

Since one of the commandments is “Honor thy Father and Thy Mother,” I think that they felt compelled to go.

However their murmuring shows that their hearts were not converted to the principle of the commandment, much like the Jews, who although kept the outward ordinances given by Moses, had forsaken God in their hearts long ago.

Nephi, on the other hand never uttered a word against his father or God.

He went to the Lord in lowliness of heart to learn His will and was instructed by God through the Spirit on how to become the leader his people would need.

As one reads more of the Book of Mormon it becomes clear that these two different mentalities have a vast impact that we’ll see throughout the book.

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1. The Lord commanded Lehi in a what to leave Jerusalem?
2. The descendants of Laman and Lemuel would be a what to the descendants of Nephi if Nephi's progeny would rebel against God?
3. Lehi dwelt in a what?
4. The name of the river was named after...
5. Lehi's family traveled how many days in the wilderness?
6. Something Lehi left behind in Jerusalem
7. Name of Sam's mother
8. Laman and Lemuel thought Lehi was what type of man
9. As long as Nephi kept the commandments, what would he do in the land of promise?
10. The last word in 1 Nephi chapter 2?
11. How did Nephi seek after the Lord?
12. What recognizable landmark did Lehi and his family pitch their tents at?
13. What did Lehi make out of stones?
14. One of the qualities Lehi admonished Lemuel to have
15. Who said the Jerusalem would be destroyed?
16. How Nephi felt towards his brothers
17. First word in 1 Nephi 213
18. Laman and Lemuel's trademark behavior
19. What was Lehi filled with when he spoke to Laman and Lemuel?
20. How Nephi described his size
21. Lehi's family was promised a land of

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