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The Girls of the Promised Land series by young adult LDS author Pamela Harrington is an epic saga that experiences the events of The Book of Mormon through the eyes of the girls and women who lived, lead, and loved throughout the history of the Nephites and Jaredites.

Discover the scriptures stories you thought you knew from a whole new perspective and see how girls and women were integral to the events and people of The Book of Mormon.

Beginning with the sister of Nephi all the way to the downfall of the Nephite civilization, see how young women helped shape the destiny of their people.

Full of adventure, self-discovery, and faith building experiences, Girls of the Promise Land is a series that will bring the scriptures to life and prove that we are not so different from those who have gone before, and that The Book of Mormon was written for our day.

Girls of the Promised Land Books:

Daughter of Lehi Title

Paperbacks and Ebooks Available Now On Amazon and Kindle

Girls of the Promised Land Book One:

Daughter of Lehi

Family can be complicated, especially for Aliyah, daughter of Lehi.

Being the little sister to Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi isn’t always easy.

However, family is always worth it, isn’t it?

With the world around her starting to turn topsy-turvy, Aliyah has to find a way to navigate being an almost-adult in a world that isn’t the same one her parents grew up in.

Are her parents just being old fashioned as Laman suggests, or has Jerusalem become a wicked place?

Is there a way to tell if something is just a silly tradition or if God is trying to warn of impending doom?

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Paperbacks and Ebooks Available Now On Amazon and Kindle

Girls of the Promised Land Book Two:

Pillar of Fire

A pillar of fire changes everything!

The flames of her father’s heavenly calling soon turn into a refiner’s blaze as Aliyah and her family deal with the new realities of Lehi’s new prophetic mission-to turn the people back to God before destruction and death ravage the land.

However, the hardened hearts and minds of the people of Jerusalem start to ignite in anger against not only Lehi, but his family as well. Danger and betrayal lurk in every shadow and false friend’s smile that encompasses them as Aliyah wrestles with the fact that life will never be the same.

Was her father truly called of God or was he suffering from delusions as Laman suggests? Wouldn’t being the daughter of a prophet bring blessings, not all of these trials that she never would have imagined she would have face? With so many voices screaming out to her, how can she know which one to listen to?

The Saga Continues-
Based on the people and events of the Book of Mormon, The Girls of the Promised Land follows the amazing stories and historically fictionalized accounts of the girls and women throughout the events of the Book of Mormon’s history, beginning with Lehi and his family to Moroni depositing the record of his people. See and experience the rise and fall of this mighty people from the perspective of the girls who lived it.

Coming In April 2023-Girls of the Promised Land Book 3: The Calling

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