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Nauvoo Temple: Free Coloring Page and Fun Facts

Colored In Nauvoo Temple Picture

The Nauvoo Temple is a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices of the past and of the privilege it is to continue and propagate their legacies in today’s day and age.

Studying the Come Follow Me program through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, its is inspiring to learn their stories of truth and conviction against insurmountable odds.

While working on this coloring page, I drew inspiration from an image of the sculpture “Calm As A Summer’s Morning” by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany that is located near the front of the Nauvoo Temple in a pedestrian plaza west of the temple. (The Church News)

The sculpture is that of Joseph and his brother Hyrum on horseback as they converse together.

Their attitude is calm without any suggestion of worry or fear.

As I looked at this, my mind turned to a song by Nashville Tribute Band called “Brother I’ll Follow You.”

It is a song written from Hyrum’s perspective about his undying love and loyalty to his brother with the declaration of “Brother, I’ll follow you.”

In drawing this page, I tried to show them reaching their destination with the light on, waiting for their arrival.

10 Little Known Facts About Nauvoo and Its Temple:

  1. Nauvoo has had four names: Quashquema (Named after a Native American Chief who led the Fox and Sauk Tribes), Venus, Commerce, and finally Nauvoo. (Deseret News article by Beautiful Nauvoo)
  2. The Nauvoo Temple was the first latter-day temple to have an angel statue placed on top of the spire. (
  3. On the 158th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith the current Nauvoo temple was dedicated.(
  4. The Nauvoo Temple was the first temple in this dispensation where baptisms for the dead and eternal marriage were performed. (
  5. The area where Nauvoo now sits was once a Fox Indian village and was signed over as part of a treaty in 1824 for 200 sacks of corn.
  6. The cost of materials used to make the Nauvoo Temple was estimated to have been $1 million dollars.
  7. The temple was set on fire by arsonists in 1848 and completely destroyed 3 years later by a tornado.
  8. A sunstone is the only original architectural feature that can be seen in Nauvoo.
  9. The Nauvoo Temple’s pilasters featured 30 sunstones, moonstones, and starstones. (Illinois department of Natural Resources)
  10. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints began purchasing the land where the temple once stood beginning in 1937. (

Nauvoo Illinois Temple Coloring Page

Nauvoo Temple Coloring Page
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