Come Follow Me Crossword Puzzles Old Testament

Psalms 1-29 Bible Crossword Puzzle

Picture of Christ as a shepherd

“The Lord is My Shepherd.”

1. Who do sheep trust?
2. Avoid the seat of the ...Psalms 11
3. The ungodly will become as...Psalms 14
4. The holy hill of ...Psalms 26
5. What does man have over the works of God's hands? Psalms 86
6. Who wrote a good portion of Psalms?
7. What shows the handiwork of God? Psalms 191
8. The law of the Lord is...Psalms 197
9. The law of the Lord can do what to the eyes?
10. The judgements of God are more desired and sweeter than...Psalms 1910
11. What others may trust in. Psalms 207
12. Strength dried up as a ...Psalms 2215
13. What was parted among the soldiers at Christ's crucifixion's? Psalms 2218
14. Sinner's and bloody man's right hands are filled with...Psalms 2610
15. Wait on the Lord and be of good...Psalms 2714

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