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Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Scorpions with The Holy Ghost

Finding a scorpion on a toilet paper roll is the last thing you want to see during a midnight bathroom break.

Scorpions in shoes, on the floor, or even ones that sometimes fall into your bed while you’re sleeping are some of the hazards that Arizona desert dwellers learn to deal with on a daily basis.

Anyone who has experienced the sting of these venomous masters of camouflage will tell you that the pain inflicted by these nasty little arachnids is unbearable.

Fortunately, the excruciating pain from the sting of a desert scorpion only lasts for a few days.

However, there is a type of scorpion whose sting can last a lifetime and beyond.

Spiritual scorpions.

Person about to step on scorpion

Temptations and allurements can have further reaching consequences than the sting of this archaic arachnid.

Being the daughter of an exterminator, I’ve learned a thing or two about scorpions.

Number one- Destroy them at all costs!!!

Number two- They’re actually pretty fascinating creatures and a force to be reckoned with.

Small but Formidable

Scorpions are incredible creatures.

As one of the oldest land dwelling creatures, they have survived each of the earth’s cataclysmic events that wiped out many of the colossal species which once were their counterparts.

This small legacy from primordial times is found throughout the world from deep dark caves to the heights of snow capped peaks.

Hiding from the daylight, they wait patiently in their burrows to ambush unsuspecting prey that comes too close to the mouth their lair.

They come in a myriad of varieties, but each species has something in common.


Although the degree of venom varies by species, each uses their poison to inflict or kill anything that gets too close to their stingers.

Unfortunately, scorpions don’t always stay in their burrows.

They roam the earth when the sun sets below the horizon constantly looking for their next victim. .

Scorpions often penetrate into the inner sanctum of a home, climbing on walls and objects, trespassing where they and the family of the house will ultimately meet .

Many people come upon scorpions unexpectedly, especially since scorpions are masters of camouflage and hiding.

Scorpions’ venom is a neurotoxin which affects the nervous system.

The nervous system is the body system that controls the ability to feel, regulates the body, and includes the brain which is the home to our thoughts and memories.

Spiritual Scorpions

Spiritual scorpions are much like their natural counterparts.

They are the forces of evil and temptation that have existed before the beginning of the earth.

Spiritual scorpions are those who chose rebellion over the opportunity for exaltation and whose purpose is to prey upon the souls of the earth.

These preying spiritual arachnids dwell in darkness, ambush their victims, and can infiltrate even the most well built houses.

They are found all over the world, blending seamlessly into their environment so that often times people don’t even know that they are there.

They are hidden in plain sight- in the music that plays over the stores intercom, the pressure by supposed friends to do something we know is wrong, popup ads online, Tik Toc and YouTube videos, media, philosophical theories, and more.

Enticing us to come closer to their stingers.

Just as the venom of the scorpion affects the nervous system, the venom of spiritual scorpions can affect the way we feel, especially towards ourselves and others.

The venom will not only stay localized to one part of our lives, but spread to poison our thoughts, relationships, behaviors and more.

Spiritual venom can alter the way we think, perceive things, and our view on the world in general.

It can inflict damage, not only to the body, but to the spirit as well.

That pain, if left unchecked, can continue to poison the victim well beyond this mortal existence.

Spiritual Scorpion Infestation

Looking around, it is easy to see that the world is infested by spiritual scorpions.

Everywhere you look you can see that they are hiding in wait.

When asked what to do about scorpions that infest houses, many of my dad’s customers ask what they can do to get rid of them.

Because of their tough exoskeleton traditional sprays do not always work to repel them.

Does that mean that those in scorpion infested areas are doomed to a lifetime of painful stings?


There are a few different ways to get rid of scorpions, such as getting rid of their food supply and clearing weeds and piles away from the house.

Besides cleaning up a yard and getting rid of crickets there is another way to help eradicate scorpions from a home.

Find them and destroy them before they have a chance to get into the house.

For some this may seem like a daunting task, especially with their effective camouflage.

Although scorpions blend in with their environment, they have one characteristic that makes them easy to spot.

They are florescent under a black light.

A Light to Spot the Scorpions

Every night an eerie blue light circles about the perimeter of my house.

It is a black light that my daughter and I use to check around the outside of our house for scorpions who are precariously too close for comfort.

As we scan the rocks and gravel next to our house, we spot small glowing scorpions that are hiding in the grass and gravel outside of the walls of our house.

On a few occasions, we spot them just as they’re about to enter a small crack beneath the door or next to a window.

When we find them we eliminate them, knowing that if left unchecked they will invade our home.

The Holy Ghost as A Light

But the Comforter , which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

John 14:26

Just like our handy dandy black light can expose the scorpions lurking in our yard, the Holy Ghost can expose spiritual scorpions that may be trying to enter into people’s lives.

The ability to discern truth and light from ignorance and darkness is one of the great promises we receive when we live worthy to have the Holy Ghost as our guide.

Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.

D&C 8:2

No matter the environment, the Holy Ghost can alert us to dangers, especially those who are subtly trying to gain access to our families.

No house is immune to the infiltration attempts of the adversary, there will always be a weakness that he will try to exploit.

However, if we can see him before he comes, we can prepare ourselves against his advances.

Sometimes an outer deifense is not enough.

Each night, I shine the black light throughout my house, just in case a scorpion found its way in.

Likewise, in our lives we need to be constantly vigilant to see if a spiritual scorpion has somehow made it past outer defences.

Sometimes these infiltrations can be in the form of preconceived judgments, handed down opinions and views of others, seeds of various forms of pride, etc.

By using the light of the Holy Ghost we will be able to spot the scorpions and destroy them before they have a chance to sting us with their venom and to seek help if we see that we’ve already been stung.

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