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colored in picture of 2nd temple
Coloring Page Come Follow Me Old Testament

Ezra and Nehemiah Temple Old Testament Coloring Page

In this week’s study of the Old Testament focusing on Ezra and Nehemiah, we learn about the mercies of God and His willingness to forgive His people when they are ready to turn again to Him. The events in these chapters take place approximately 70 years after the Babylonians had destroyed Jerusalem and the temple, …

Saint George Coloring Page colored in
Coloring Page Temples

St. George Temple: 10 Little Known Facts and Free Online Coloring Page

The temples built by the early pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are some of the most beautiful structures made during that time of American History. After the saints had been forced to leave the Nauvoo and Kirkland temples in the East which they had suffered and sacrificed so much build, …

1 Nephi Book of Mormon Word Search

1 Nephi Chapter 2 Word Search

Spiritual Thoughts on 1 Nephi Chapter 2 Although only 24 verses, 1 Nephi Chapter 2 gives us a lot of insight into the different personalities of Lehi’s four sons and the personal attributes that would be shape the Lamanite and Nephite dynamic throughout the Book of Mormon. It’s interesting that something as small as small …